Analysis Of John Green 's Looking For Alaska

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Looking for Alaska Character Sketch Miles halter is the main character in John Green’s Looking for Alaska. Miles is a teenage character who lived a so called “Minor Life,” in Florida, where he was born and raised. The story begins a week before Miles sets off to attend Culver Creek, a boarding school in Alabama that his father, uncle’s and cousins on his dad’s side had all attended. Ironically nicknamed Pudge, due to the fact that he can be physically described as lanky. “ The small bathroom contained a huge, full length mirror… I could not escape the reflection of my naked self…My skinniness always surprised me: my thin arms didn 't seem to get much bigger as they moved from wrist to shoulder, my chest lacked any hint of either fat or muscle, and I felt embarrassed…”(Green, 12) In addition to being scrawny, Miles is a fairly typical 16 year old caucasian teen, with brown hair, brown eyes and a lengthy body to match. “The shower seemed to be designed for somebody who was approximately three feet, seven inches tall, so the cold water hit my lower rib cage…Surely John F. Kennedy (who was six feet tall…my height exactly) did not have to squat at his boarding school” (Green,12). Miles Halter’s character excels in terms of personality and emotional traits as opposed to physical ones. It is remains clear throughout the novel that Miles was created with the intention of being a character with a strong personality. Miles is a kind, relaxed, intelligent and easily relatable
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