Alaskan Critique

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his critique is being done on the article titled “Experiences of Alaskan Parents with Children Hospitalized for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Treatment.” It was written in 2013 and published it the Journal of Pediatric Nursing. The purpose of this critique is to address the usefulness of this research and to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. This article is presented clearly and well organized. The purpose and background are clearly stated. Some weaknesses noted in the article is small population sampled, only sampling six and the lack of detail about the data collection and analysis.


The research question in this study is “What are the experiences of Alaskan parents who have a child hospitalized for RSV treatment?” …show more content…

Qualitative analysis focus on producing a rich deep description of a phenomenon and not on the statistical analysis. (EBN notebook). This study was set up to qualitatively study the subjective reality that is experienced by the subjects involved. (Ryan, F., Coughlan, M., & Cronin, P.). The goal of the study was to understand the experiences of the parents with children hospitalized with RSV. This study was done using the descriptive phenomenology research type as the goal of phenomenology approach is to “accurately describe the lived experience of people.”(EBN notebook). The study is descriptive because it because it is focusing on the depiction of the “things” these parents with children hospitalized are experiencing. It wants to understand the experience, the feelings, and emotions that were felt by these parents. (polit, …show more content…

Only one interview was conducted. It would have been useful to see how the parents felt immediately after the child hospitalization and also to know how they felt after being home for a while. The article did not state very much information about the method they used to analyze the interviews. This lack of information hurts the articles credibility. The step-by-step guide to critiquing research states “In qualitative research the process by which data analysis is undertaken is fundamental to determining the credibility of the findings.” (ryan). Convenience sampling is also a possible weakness in the study it is not the preferred sampling method but often time the only one available. The fact that people volunteer might lead to bias’s as these people might have reasons they want to participate and might not me the average norm of the population.

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