Analysis Of John Locke And Toussaint L ' Ouverture

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Racism. Fines. Jail time. Exploitation. Lack of security. On September 27th 2014, those of colour in Ferguson, Missouri, talked about their frustration towards their system of government. After one of the biggest scandals of 2014, the shooting of Michael Brown, the people of Ferguson are forced to face with the after math and the continued discrimination. Only this time it is in regards to paying fines. Those in Ferguson believe they are receiving unjustified fines that render them unable to pay back and to correct. This raises the question, what would you do if you were in this situation of exploitation? Would you just simply leave or would you wait it out? Two philosophers who discuss their ideas of the people being in control of their future are John Locke and Toussaint L’Ouverture. Throughout this paper I will be discussing Locke’s idea of leaving the state in which you are not pleased with, additionally with L’Ouverture’s idea of; you are compelled to follow those in powers will. I will also be comparing Locke’s idea of parental authority and their limitations with L’ Ouverture letting circumstances happen just to save selves from future misery. I will be arguing between Locke and L’Ouverture idea of how people can determine their futures regardless of hierarchy. As I argue in favour of L’Ouverture, I will be demonstrating how Locke opposes to L’Ouverture’s argument.
In John Locke’s A Letter Concerning Tolerance, he discusses his opinion towards options. Being able to…
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