Analysis Of John Milton 's ' Paradise Lost '

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In his epic, Paradise Lost, Milton entertains the reader with his version of how one of the greatest falls of humanity occurred. Although many would consider God or Adam and Eve as the main characters in a story like this, the main character of this epic is truly Satan. Satan is shown as a strong and powerful character who is completely overwhelmed with emotions which create a type of hell in his mind; even when he is in heaven, he cannot escape his true life. Satan’s desire for vengeance on God’s creation not only unveils the personality of the protagonist but it also offers a glimpse into what the character Adam is like.
The first quarter of Milton’s great epic truly revolves around Satan’s emotions and desires. Milton does his best to help the reader find love for an evil character; he even mentions Satan crying in hopes of having the reader feel sympathy for him. Satan’s emotions are not only triggered by his feeling of being below God but also his belief of being lower than The Son as well. The huge role the devil plays throughout the story can be observed in one of the first descriptions of the beast. Milton compares the size of the sinner to an island by describing that, “The pilot of some small night-foundered skiff, deeming some island, oft, as seamen tell (Pg 15 lines 204-206).” Not only is Satan a giant, but he also has a strong personality which can be observed in his actions. After falling from heaven, Satan even makes a bold statement stating “ ‘To do aught…
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