Analysis Of John Milton 's ' Paradise Lost '

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Writing AP Exam Essays Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition Name Juan Linares Major Work Data Page Paradise Lost Writer/Nationality John Milton/ UK 1608-1674 Theme/"Meanings of the work as a whole" Disobedience plays a key role in the unfolding of Milton’s poem. Satan disobeys God because God gave him free will, and causes Eve to disobey Adam, to disobey God. Justification of God. Death must happen to the world but because of the Son, Death is ultimately defeated. Characters Satan- The antagonist of the story, and some say the Promethean hero. He is at first grand and magnificent, but degrades to the squalor we associate him with. God- A giant lightbulb, an orb of ever radiant light which sits atop an unmovable throne in Heaven. Personifies reason and his responses seem cold as a result. Omnipotent being. A chorus like figure in Milton’s poem. The Son- God’s compassionate side. As God decrees the Fall of Mankind, the Son decides that, with his sacrifice, he will save Mankind. Technically Jesus though he had not been born at that time in Theology. Adam- The Apex of life in Eden. Witty, chiseled abs, keen and handsome. Alpha dog, top guy, call him whatever you want. Adam shows his respect to any he speaks with, knowing well his place in the hierarchical pyramid. He speaks kindly to Eve, even though she is inferior, he does not suck up to Raphael or God, for he understands they are superior. He represents a

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