Analysis Of Johnson & Johnson And Johnson Company Essay

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When seven people in Chicago died from cyanide-laced Tylenol tablets in 1982, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) responded in a manner that not only saved the company’s future, but also saved lives (Knight, 1982). JNJ reacted to the shocking news of the over-the-counter drug-related deaths with compassion, urgency and honesty. JNJ aimed at showing the public that the company was as much of a victim as the consumers were, and vowed to resolve the issue and keep the media and consumers involved and aware, as per the company credo (Our Credo; Rehak, 2002). JNJ’s timely response set a precedence by which public relations practitioners would model and businesses would strive to achieve. Background General Company Background In 1886, Robert Wood Johnson, Edward Mead Johnson, and James Wood Johnson formed Johnson & Johnson company and quickly expanded the company in the late 19th century (Johnson & Johnson History, n.d.). The company created products that were aimed at improving health and personal hygiene and published books and manuals that instructed sterile surgery methods, wound treatments and women’s health care (Johnson & Johnson History, n.d.). JNJ began the practice of providing money and supplies for disaster relief in 1900 when the company assisted victims of a hurricane in Galveston, Texas (Johnson & Johnson, n.d.). During the early 20th century, Johnson & Johnson released new products and medicinal products while expanding their international presence in regions such

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