Analysis Of Joseph Turner 's Life

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Joseph Turner was without a doubt a fascinating, independent, and highly innovative artist during the 19th century. He began as a pupil at the Royal Academy Schools when he was a young teenager and he began to excel in all areas of his studies from oil painting, watercolors, drawing, to engraving. He acquired a passion for showing his observers real images and recording precisely what he say with slight coloring by his own personal vision. Turner had a love for traveling and exploring areas that his peers had not yet been so that he could see other landscapes and understand the world further than his own home. He began his love for traveling in Italy around 1819 where he visited Venice and according to many texts, “fell in love with the reflections and the transparency of water.” He continued to travel throughout Italy but it was in Venice that he felt the strongest and most intense emotional connection and inspiration for his future art works. Turner took these travels and transformed them into a new mind set, he would take simple everyday scenes and connect them with the vast forces of nature using irredecent colors and free brush strokes to immolate the reflections he had seen in the water. He could be considered an artist who remained true to romanticism while incorporation the feelings of the ongoing Industrial Revolution. Instead of choosing landscape images that had been touched on before by old masters he chose storms at sea, shipwrecks, and disastrous weather to
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