Analysis Of ' Kill A Mockingbird ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The story took place in the 1930’s in a town called Maycomb, Alabama. The story is told to us by a young child in her perspective. It was during the time where racism was a big part of the word still. The story told by the child during a trail of an African American facing charges of rape of a white women. The child name is scout and her father Atticus given the trial to defend the African American name Tom Robison, but Atticus already knew how the outcome of the trial was going to be. Atticus raised his children Scout and Jem in a very different way from many different white folks raised their own. Jem and Scout get to see a different perspective of the world from their father Atticus and there black cook Calpurnia. Jem and Scout did not have a mother figure so Calpurnia took the role of being the mother figure by giving her life lesson to Scout and Jem. Jem and Scout to see the world how it is instead of seeing the black and white like most people. Atticus try’s to be honest with his children and does his best to explain things to his children that would make his children understand the situation. As a reader we see that Atticus try’s to do good for the community for the whites and blacks. He want his children to believe that tolerance of people and for the word of the bible, but to accept and forgive as well of other people way of thinking. Throughout the story we are introduce to Atticus which takes upon a trial that he was no favor of. He did not want to take the
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