Analysis Of `` Killings `` By Andre Dubus

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By analyzing the conflicts of stories help readers understand why the specific characters act certain ways. We better comprehend the characters’ personality and why the flaws of other character affect the main character. Are main characters’ problems the result of other characters’ personality flaws? Characters endure arduous situations and it is because of another character’s flaw. Being possessiveness, overly critical, and controlling of others are the reason for main characters problems.
When a characters flaw is dominating, it causes much problem to another character. An example of possessiveness is by the antagonist, Richard in “Killings” by Andre Dubus. Matt’s problem is a result of Richards selfishness. Richard is possessive of Mary Ann is ex wife is filing for divorce. “Richard Strout shot Frank in front of the boys” (115). Frank is Matt’s son, who Richard has killed because of his selfishness of seeing his ex wife with Frank. Matt’s problem is full of sadness and anger which makes him commit murder on killing Richard. “ He walks the Goddamn streets” (Dubus 111). Since Richards been out of jail. He walks around, living a free and normal life since he has gotten out, like nothing has happened. That angers Matt. Richard does not want to see ex wife Mary Ann with nobody else. Even though Richard has a new wife he is still possessive with his ex wife, not wanting anyone to be with her.
When a characters flaw is being judgmental, it causes much problem to another

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