The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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2.06B Text Analysis: “Unit 2 Journey to Identity”
Text Analysis

Title: The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.|Author: John Boyne|Publication Date: |
I chose this book because (respond in at least 2 sentences): I chose this book because it has a deep story. After seeing what happened in the movie and reading the book it is so sad to see what happens and how things come out to be.|

Discussion Questions
Use the text and your analysis to prepare two interpretive or evaluative discussion questions. Then identify the type of question you have created.
Question|Is your question interpretive or evaluative?|
1. What is it about the house that Bruno doesn't feel safe about?|Interpretive|
2.What kind of person is Bruno based on how he acts in …show more content…

· Identity Achievement occurs when someone makes a personal decision or commitment after going through a crisis and exploring his or her option.

|Stage of Identity Development|Text Support – provide two instances of textual support for each stage.|

Identify and describe two conflicts in the story. Explain how the protagonist responds throughout the story and what his or her response reveals about him or her. Write in complete sentences.
Conflict|Protagonist’s Response|What does this reveal about the character?|
1. |||
2. |||

What narrative structure (episodic plot, parallel plot, etc.) does the author use to tell the story? __________________________________________________________________
Summarize the story using the elements of plot. Include details to demonstrate your reading.
Exposition|Bruno comes home to find out that his family is moving.|
Rising Action|Bruno saw men outside wearing striped pajamas and he only sees boys and men no women at all.|
Climax|Bruno meets a boy who is always wearing striped pajamas called Shmuel and became friends|
Falling Action|Bruno started to help Shmuel to look for his dad but they end up dieing in the gas chambers.|
Resolution|Bruno's parents went to look for him but the dad notice he was in one of those rooms.|

Looking Back

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