Analysis Of Leon Kass's The Wisdom Of Repugnance

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At some point in history, it is highly probable that a wise man or woman once made the assertion that irrational decisions lead to irrational outcomes and in that statement, it would set in place a pivotal exemplary for decision making in today’s society. However, Leon Kass, an American physician, scientist, and educator, takes the stance combating the ideology of rational decision making in his article, entitled, “The Wisdom of Repugnance. by upholding his argument that Repugnance holds validity when making effective decisions of policy and lawmaking. In dissent, Although Kass makes the argument that Repugnance is an applicable model to construct social mores and laws I strongly believe that argumentation (which is not present in the idea …show more content…

But In order to make effective decisions with the utilization of argumentation, all sides of the issue should be looked at. The pros and cons of an issue should be weighed and there should be an inclusion of diverse viewpoints, thoughts and circumstance especially when that I issue will affect a large population of people. An example that would support my argument would be in relation to the first and second waves of women’s rights and feminism. Prior to women's rights, men were repulsed by the idea of women working, attending college, and voting. After debating these issues in court and many ideas were shared, we realized as a society that women working, attending college and having the right to voting would ultimately be beneficial to both families and society and rightly so, that realization was because of the rationalization of the issue. Consequently, women brought additional income to families. This helped with household expenses such as groceries, utility bills, clothing, and entertainment. Another benefit of arguing for women’s rights through reasoning would be that it increased the population of the workforce and strengthened the economy. As the economy progressively got stronger, with the support of taxes, it helped society in advancing education, technology and social security. Women acquiring the right to work was also beneficial to the men, who were

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