Let It Snow By David Sedaris Summary

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Alcoholism in Sedaris’ Let it Snow One’s wellbeing is determined by physical and emotional health. In health sciences students learn about body and brain functioning. Emotions,stress and decision-making have a significant impact on mental and physical health. Alcoholism is often a coping mechanism resulting in negative health consequences. David Sedaris’ mother is probably and alcohol, and her addiction has a negative impact on herself and her family. A common trope in pop culture is the drink a mother or a father pour themselves after a long day to relieve some of the stress of a daily routine . In fact, many studied have shown that in moderation, alcohol can actually have health benefits. However, when one abuses alcohol, the consequences are oftentimes disastrous and the repercussions of alcohol abuse are longterm. In his essay ”Let it snow”, David Sedaris demonstrates the consequences of his mother’s alcoholism. The emotional, physical and long-term effects of alcoholism are central to his family’s health. David Sedaris’ emotions, as a child, were greatly harmed by his mother’s alcohol use. Children, more than anyone are subject to their emotions. Children can be laughing one minute, and crying hysterically the next. The fragility of children’s emotions are augmented when they have an alcoholic parent. For starters, children born to alcoholic parents are much more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and child psychopathology (Reich,

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