A Bartender Tells What Man Did To Cane, And Boze To Man Short Story

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In today’s society, alcohol has become one of the main necessities for people to create relaxation, confidence, and the ability to be social. In the short story “A Bartender Tells What Man Did to Booze, and Booze to Man”, an anonymous bartender gives an up close and personal account of his observations about the effects alcohol has on men. He emphasizes the change in their character after a few drinks. Koren Zailckas from Smashed shares a memoir of her life describing her relationship with alcohol abuse and the problems that it caused for her. Although certain types of alcohol are used to support good health, it is the excessive consumption and misuse that leaves people dependent resulting in significant social, physical, and mental …show more content…

Men who when stark sober could “let themselves go”, men who were in dread of convention, were utterly different beings when they drank. For alcohol made most men bold. Most timid men like the feeling of boldness (Anonymous 122). As depicted in both stories, alcohol can be used as a tool to help people break out of their shell and discover traits that they never knew existed.
Alcohol can also leave many physical effects on a person's body. Zailckas described her first ever blackout by receiving details from her friends and parents because she herself could not remember. “I passed out on the dock in a puddle of my own vomit” (Zailckas 92). Passing out in your vomit is a common effect of alcohol abuse and has led to many people suffocating and dying. She explained how she woke up in a hospital bed with bruises all over from her also drunken friends dropping her while trying to carry her lifeless body. Being as though the people that she was with were also intoxicated, her situation was worsened and more damage was done.
Along with the physical consequences of drinking, alcohol can have many negative effects on a person's mental health. For Koren, she could not remember big pieces of her experiences from the past. Alcohol impaired her judgment as well, leading her to make bad choices in friends. Because Koren suffered from low self-esteem, she would do whatever it took to be accepted. If that meant drinking all the time with people who saw it as cool and

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