Analysis Of ' Let 's Just Talk '

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Emoji Versus Tone: Let’s Just Talk George Shaw said it best with “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” We use texting more often to communicate with others than we do placing a phone call and talking to someone. Talking employs a shared communication. You have two or more people interacting with each other, responding to statements or opinions. Texting is a message sent and does not necessarily require a response. You can text someone until your fingers bleed; however, if the other person does not respond, how will you truly know if you have communicated information to a person. Although texting is an easy process, there are many reasons why talking remains the preferred method of …show more content…

You should silence your phone or perhaps not bring it with you to the meeting or while in the company of someone else. You should also avoid texting while sharing meals with other individuals. This can range from business luncheons to family dinners. Your attention should be on the other person and not your phone. On the contrary, it can be viewed as less offensive if the other person understands the reason behind your phone being in your presence. You could be a single working mother and waiting to receive a text message that your child is home from school. You could be waiting on an important message relating to a medical issue or even have a friend in the hospital. Explain this first and foremost so there is no reason for others to take your reading texts as offensive. Along the same lines, what about emoji’s or emoticons? Is this an acceptable form of communicating in text messages? Clearly it has become a standard for the U.S. “The French are the biggest users of heart emojis; Canadians use the most sports-oriented emojis; and Americans are the heaviest users of emojis related to bags of money, basketballs, birthday cakes, slices of pizza, and eggplants” (Goldsborough, Reid). As silly as the emojis descriptions are explained, this has become an important part of pop culture in sharing your feelings through technology. There are still many whom believe this to

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