Analysis Of Lonesome Dove

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Lonesome Dove Book Report
Lonesome Dove is a story in the western genre written by Larry McMurty. The book was published in 1985 and was the first book of a tetralogy, but third in chronology. The book is about a strenuous cattle drive from Texas to Montana. Lonesome Dove was a wholesome and interesting book that engages your curiosity from the beginning to the end. In the beginning of the story they are in a small south Texas town called lonesome Dove, where the two main characters Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call have settle down and started a livery stable after being famous Texas rangers. Third journey starts off after Jake Spoon rides into town talking about Montana and the untapped potential. That is what sets them off on their journey driving cattle from Texas to Montana.
As there journey began they had many dilemmas but I would say their first dilemma was the death of Sean O’Brien a young Irish men found with his brother Allen O’Brien when they collected the cattle for the drive. That part of the story was the first major event of the story driving fear in many of the crew. As the drive went north, so did Jake spoon, who brought along a woman by the name of Lorena Wood. Lorena is major character in the story as she is a love interest of both Augustus McCrae, Jake Spoon ,and desired by many. The story had an interesting offshoot that involved a sheriff from fort smith, Arkansas by the name of July Johnson. This story begins with Jake Spoon who was in fort smith

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