Analysis Of Lure Online

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Lure AR® is categorized as a meet up type break-the-ice (inducing conversation) gamming application. From addition to the application, there are interactive augmented reality game components that provides a novel way for people to meet in a public geo-location where one of the users are checked-in in a co-located area leaves some type of premium wall message that can be used to interact remotely. Users of the gaming interface portion of the Lure AR® application are provided interactive components in augmented reality (a fishing pole and the other person bear trap like lure) hence the name Lure AR®®.
As a main focus is to meet, Lure AR® exclusive game portion provides fun and safe fish/hunt sport type atmosphere that involves real people. …show more content…

With Lure AR®, users will interact with augmented objects in a physical world as a new concept to meet up untraditionally other than most common mobile applications on the market today with common premium features. Users will have the ability to immediately get down to the objective of meeting with permission from the other user to move forward with a conversational starter including an introduction.
Bypassing the traditional dialog while still an optional available chat mode, gives provides users with a sense of speed dating and a quick introduction that can break though or bypass the initial verbal introduction while opening up a swift doorway to meet or break the ice.
In most common scenarios like bars or large populated areas, Lure AR® can save time and embarrassment while trying to make a connection in a crowded place and help elevate the possible freighting experience of the first verbal introduction face-to-face.
With the gaming interface, users will feel as if they lost a catch rather than feeling embarrassed if things did not go so well, users can simply cast another line so he or she can fish for someone else.
With Lure AR®, sexual preference are only seen based upon the setup profile and cannot be changed on the fly to spy on other sexual preference using the application.
With Lure AR® no personal data of a user will ever be displayed. Only the photo

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