Analysis Of Mademoiselle Maurice

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1) Brand fit: Through symbolic, emotional, visual, social and aesthetic values, the installation reflected the colourful upcoming spring with a connection to the nature bringing about happiness and positive feelings. The following pertained what Mademoiselle Maurice highlights and transfers to the public through her art.
Moreover, Bikini Berlin’s peculiarity of unique concept and a public space is in line with Mademoiselle Maurice’s street art concept of designing public installations.
Furthermore, the unique image of connecting the urban environment, i.e. city’s nature through the views on the Berlin’s Zoo and the vibrant city life corresponds to Mademoiselle Maurice’s values of human-nature relation as an urban artist.
Bikini Berlin and Mademoiselle Maurice established a fit in values, visions, voices, and personalities.

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(4) Artist profile: According to StudioNOW, the profile of Mademoiselle Maurice, her brand, did not have any impact on the decision-making of her collaboration with Bikini Berlin.
As it was commented, her art and not Mademoiselle Maurice as a brand was in consideration. Nevertheless, Mademoiselle Maurice is a known artist within the street art community with an existing broad media, social media coverage and credibility. Hence, one may assume that the following had an impact on the viral effect of the project.

(5) Target group: As was stated by StudioNOW, Mademoiselle Maurice, as a French artist that presents and shares her art worldwide, fit Bikini Berlin’s target group, which is broad — cosmopolitan and international audience. Therefore, the combination of being hip and established, street art incorporation into Bikini Berlin’s campaign was assessed with an acceptance from the

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