Analysis Of Management Skills And Safety Hygiene

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Analysis Impacts Consequences/or changes

1. Skill Factors In 2017, there are over 1500 employees nationwide. Nando’s presently acquire many skill factors that enable business growth, such as, leadership skills and management skills, food and safety hygiene. These will be continued to decrease any issues raising in the organization. Main skill factors required to meet the envisioned future include, communication skills to build a therapeutic relationship between colleagues. The impact of this would be that staff will be motivated and will provide opportunities for themselves to participate to benefit the work process by attracting customers.

Another impact would be the performance management. For example, staff members need to be
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Second consequence is that staff/employee will understand that factors and work better together to provide their best performance and resolve any misunderstanding that may have been created within the organisation.
(Doucette, n.d.)

3. Organisation Structure Factors As Nando’s is nationwide restaurant and have many employees that run each organisation. Therefore, it requires a well-built organizational structure. In future, the structure would be changed and will be categorized in related sectors/departments. And this will further influence the management development which will be evident in the future by developing the structure. First impact would be that if Nando’s will change their organisation structure it will cause problems for all the management because it will take time to re-design the structure.

The second impact would be that changing the organisation structure of this envisioned future, it will divide into their related sector which will decrease the managers or owners pressure. First change after re-designing the structure is Nando’s will able to make easy work for their organisation by using new structure such as in kitchen department, checkout operators, managing self-services machines.

The second change would be if the structure will change the staff need take their responsibility regarding their respective jobs
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