Multi Project Case Study Summary

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1. Executive Summary

The Randburg Syndicate Group (RSG) evaluated the case study of Multi Projects Inc. (Gido, page 452 – 454) and came to the following consensus:
Multi Projects Inc. has moved away from the traditional hierarchy structure of organisations that have leaders and various sub departments reporting upward and opted on a new-economy approach by adopting a matrix organisational structure. Even though this is a very forwarding thinking approach, it does come with its own challenges that have been highlighted in detail under the section “Problems and their causes”.
The main challenge facing Multi Project Inc. matrix structure is how the organisation communicates between the various departments. Understanding how various department heads and project managers share resources and what the shared resource roles are under the department head and within the project.
The lack of having a Project Management Office (PMO) within Multi Projects Inc. that can assist with policy …show more content…

Problems and their causes

The company runs multiple projects simultaneously however the case study centres around two major projects, that being the Goodold Company project, which is in the implementation phase of the project lifecycle, as well as a newly landed project, the Growin Corporation project, which is in the initiation phase.

Following an analysis of the case, the company is currently experiencing internal communication problems and a lack of understanding of how a business that has a matrix structure should operate. By applying a few changes within the organisation will result in the company becoming even more successful.

Randburg Syndicate Group (RSG) has broken down the problem areas into four key business components:
3.1. Understanding of matrix organisational structure

Jeff’s immediate reaction and desire of reassigning Tyler to his new project indicates that not all employees have bought in to or have a functional understanding of the organisation’s matrix

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