Analysis Of Marten 's Schematic View Essay

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Assignment 1 Marten’s schematic view This theory sees personality to be seen as having three different levels that linked to each other, these personality views are: • Psychological core • Typical responses • Role-related behaviour Psychological core is what people frequently say is the 'real you ' and is the piece of you that contains your beliefs, values, attitudes and what you like ; all of these are relatively constant and stable. Common responses are the way that you react to the world around you and with different situations you find yourself in will find yourself responding differently.An example of this is if you get fouled in football you may shout and make a fuss however on the flip side if you are meeting new people you will most likely be quiet and shy because you don 't want to overwhelm them or come across the wrong way so you change the way you are around people because your environment has changed. These are often good signals of your psychological core. Role related behaviour is often the circumstances you find yourself in and this is the most changeable aspect of personality. Your personality changes as your perception of your environment changes. For example you might be the captain of your football team at college and showing leader roles and giving out instructions then working at your part time job and following instructions you are being given, you are changing how you deal with this because your environment has changed from the football
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