Analysis Of Mary Fisher A Whisper Of Aids

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Carriers of the viruses of HIV and AIDS have been silenced for far too long. It is time to speak out. In Mary Fisher’s speech “A Whisper of AIDS” she helps her audience to understand that the topic of HIV and AIDS should no longer be silenced. Fisher stood before an audience of her peers and used many forms of persuasion available to her in order to evoke a positive significant response from her audience.
Mary Fisher was born in Louisville, Kentucky on April 6, 1948. She spent her early years in a first marriage that inevitably dissolved and lead her into alcoholism. While getting treatment for her alcoholism Fisher discovered she was artistic and decided to follow an artistic career path. She then married a second time and gave birth to …show more content…

The immediate audience to Fisher’s speech were the residents of the Republican National Convention, her Republican Party peers. By delivering her speech to this audience directly she gained the probability of her message spreading from the Republicans gathered at the speech to their Republican friends and families. Fisher also delivered this speech to the people who watched it from the comfort of their home and to those who will read and watch it today. Another major intended audience is the “two hundred thousand Americans” who “are dead or dying” (Fisher, “A Whisper of AIDS”). By delivering her speech to these audiences Fisher makes people aware of the viruses and the treatment of those who suffer.
The topic of Fisher’s speech was her experience and outlook on having HIV. She contracted the disease from her second ex-husband who did not make her aware of his containment of the virus until after the divorce. Fisher quickly had her two children tested and was content with the HIV negative results. She then proceeded to research the virus and discovered the extent of it and how those who carry it are treated.
Fisher’s purpose for writing the speech was to promote the education and awareness of HIV and AIDS and the negative treatment of the sufferers by their family, friends, and peers. Fisher hoped to make her audiences aware of the virus and the effect it can take on someone’s life. The virus causes

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