Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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The Wretch Frankenstein is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley about a peculiar scientist named Victor Frankenstein. Victor, who is a scientist endeavoring to make history, engenders a monstrous but attentive creature in an eccentric scientific experiment. The monster that he engenders faces abnegation and fear from his creator and society. The monster is the worst kind of scientific experiment gone awry. The creature has compassion for society but additionally wants to take revenge on his engenderer for making him be solitary, and also for the way that he looks. The creature that Victor engenders is filled with compassion and love but all that it receives in reciprocation is solitude and abnegation. This caused the monster to take horrible actions just so Victor can feel what he feels. The monster was abnegated everywhere that he went and was shunned because of his appearance in result of the villagers’ inability to visually perceive him for who he was, not his appearance. The reason for the monster approaching De Lacy while he is solitary rather than while the others are there is that he is visually impaired. The creature knows that since the man is blind he will listen and know that he is good because of his personality and the way he acts. All went well until the others returned. The reaction that Mary Shelley indicated was sickening,” Agatha fainted; and Safie, unable to attend her friend, rushed out of the cottage” This hurt the monster’s feelings, so he
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