Analysis Of Mary Shelly 's ' Winning Frankenstein ' Essay

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There are many books and movies, both fictional and non-fictional that deal with some form of criminological theory. While there are some that deal with that subject to either a more or lesser extent, the interest of the audience ultimately depends on what events the story line includes and how interesting did they make that specific event. I have decided to deal with 1818, award winning Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. In the beginning of the story, a man name Robert Walton is searching for a passage that connects Russia, the Pacific Ocean, and The Arctic Ocean. Having spent weeks out there alone with his crew, he is shocked to see man nearly frozen to death out there. After rescuing the man, he tells Walton that his name is Victor Frankenstein. Walton frequently writes his sister who lives in England and tells her about Victor’s terrible experience. Victor is from Switzerland and had been an extremely, very brilliant child with a strong will to have more knowledge. When Victor went off to University to quench his thirst for knowledge, a brutal illness strikes his adopted sister, Elizabeth, and his mother. Unfortunately, Scarlet Fever takes his mother’s life, but Elizabeth survives. At the university, Victor had become the brightest person there, even among the teachers when it came to the subject of science. Victor ponders at the idea if he could in fact make a person and bring it to life. He decides that if he can accomplish this deed then he will perhaps be renowned the

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