Analysis Of ' Mississippi Goddam ' By Nina Simone And Dear Mr. President Essay

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'Mississippi Goddam ' versus 'Dear Mr. President ' The two songs I am comparing for this comparative essay are 'Mississippi Goddam ' by Nina Simone and 'Dear Mr. President ' by Alecia Beth Moore, more commonly known to the public as P!nk. Nina Simone was born in 1933, and her musical talent was first discovered when she was only three years old, when she learned how to play the piano solely by ear. In 1964 Nina Simone released 'Mississippi Goddam ' and to this day it is known to be one of her most famous protest songs. P!nk, however, was born in 1979 and by the age of thirteen, she began singing in clubs around the local Philadelphia suburbs where she grew up. It was not until 2006 when P!nk released her song 'Dear Mr. President ' which in fact till this day was never allowed to be broadcast on television as well as the radio does, do the controversies for which the song brought up. 'Mississippi Goddam ' is a fast paced, loud, fast vocal piece with a very upbeat musical background. To which Nina Simone states in the lyrics herself, "this, is a show tune, but the show hasn 't been written for it yet." 'Dear Mr. President ', on the other hand, is a slow paced and soft-spoken song. Both artists, however, wrote their own pieces and brought about awareness of inequality and the lies that were hiding behind our nation, the United States, through their lyrics. Nina Simone performed 'Mississippi Goddam ' live are New York City 's Carnegie Hall, this song placed her in

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