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Response— Barney’s Version Excerpt

In this excerpt, Mordecai Richler does an excellent job mixing both showing and telling. He is able to skim over large periods of time without leaving the reader with questions, and gives just enough detail that the audience is able to understand past events. Richler gives a great amount of detail about one particular incident that enhances the essence of the event and contrasts with the last few sentences. The small conversation that Richler added gives the reader a greater respect for what Leo accomplished, and by contrast, demonstrates the great misjudgement the narrator made. Overall, Richler does an excellent job of balancing showing and telling, and does so in an effective manner that helps the audience gain insight into the situation through the use of contrast.

Finding Your Own Balance

TOPIC: An Olympic athlete readies himself or herself for the ultimate contest tomorrow.

Tomorrow night at 7:00pm, I have the opportunity to be the a part of the best women’s hockey team in the world… and I 'm utterly terrified. I mean, we made it. After years of preparation, we made it here. This was the goal, right? The olympics?

But what happens if I screw up? If I blank? I cannot even fathom the possibility of losing. I have not been working all my life to finish second. All those hours at the gym, all those late nights at the rink, all those classes I missed for hockey… I need to succeed, for that little girl skating around the

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