Analysis Of Nelly In 'Wuthering Heights'

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Jessica walks into school to find two kids in a full fledged fight. Jessica did not know what to do, she was in shock, so she stood there and watched. Suddenly, a teacher arrives and demands everyone to go into her room; she then takes note of everyone involved in the situation. After school, Jessica is asked to meet the teacher and principal for a short meeting regarding the incident. They wanted her view because she was a witness she was able to retell the story exactly how it happened. In the teacher’s mind she was the most reliable source because she was a bystander, she was not involved in the fight, just someone who had a first hand experience. Would you agree with the teacher’s selection of her, would you agree she is the most …show more content…

I’ll not promise to keep them” (Bronte 83). She is promising to not give her special treatment, to not favor her over Heathcliff or anyone else. In turn, she does not sway the reader to favor Heathcliff over Catherine or vice versa. She allows the reader to decide on their own how they feel about the relationship. Nelly also allows the reader to interpret on their own about how they feel about Heathcliff and Catherine’s relationship. Heathcliff and Catherine both talk to Nelly directly about their feelings regarding their relationship, allowing her to reliably unveil to the reader the truth behind how they feel. Catherine talks about how “he’s more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” (Bronte 81). And Heathcliff, referring to Catherine, says, “I cannot live without my life! I cannot live without my soul” (Bronte 169). With both of them directly coming to her and expressing their feelings she is able to transparently show the reader exactly how they feel. Whereas if Catherine or Heathcliff were to retell the story they would have their own assumptions about how the other one feels, in turn likely swaying the reader’s viewpoint. But Nelly knows for a fact and tells it that way. She also knows for a fact how Edgar and Isabella feel about Heathcliff and Catherine’s relationship first hand. She hears Edgar tell Catherine, “It is impossible for you to be my friend, and his at the same time; and I absolutely require to know which you

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