Analysis Of Nicaragua

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Introduction This paper is an analysis of the country of Nicaragua, using the operational variables of PMESII-PT as it relates to the 2017 US National Security Strategy (NSS). With the fourth election of Daniel Ortega into Nicaraguan office, questions continue to rise that the legitimacy of the state institutions could be compromised as the inner circle of Ortega continues to strengthen its grip on power. After the initial domination of office from Anastasio Somoza in 1979, Ortega began a “dynastic” rule as well as an authoritarian form of government. Although the networks between organized crime and state actors is somewhat invisible, the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front)is being implicated in …show more content…

To the west and south of the central mountain range is a long strand of 40 volcanoes, a majority of which are active. These volcanoes are surrounded by low plains that extend from the Gulf of Fonseca to the Bay of Salinas and are separated from the mountains by the basin that contains Lakes Nicaragua, Managua, and Masaya. The eastern half of this country has low, level plains. The coastline is broken by river mouths, deltas, and fairly large coastal lagoons that contain coral reefs, small islands, cays, and banks that dot Nicaragua’s shelf, which is the widest in Central American. The physical location of Nicaragua offers the potential for economic growth and expansion directly related to the immediate location of the country which lies centrally between the United States and South America.
After enduring years of battles and fights, Nicaragua finally seceded in 1838 gaining it’s independence from Spain. This began decades of searching for promising paths to peace that continue to this day. During the downfall of Anastasio Somoza Garcia, a new government claimed a war-torn and devastated country. The economy was in ruins, over 500,000 people were homeless, and more than 30,000 had been killed. On November 4,1984, Daniel Ortega Saavedra, one of the leaders of the Left wing rebel movement, won 60 percent of the votes casted. His

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