Analysis Of Nikki-Rosa And Two Poems

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African American Literature has been around for many centuries. The authors of these literary pieces are usually written by African Americans that live through or experienced the hardships blacks had to encounter during that time period. African Americans believed that one of the ways to be heard by the people was through poetry. In Nikki-Rosa and Two Poems, we are able to see a glimpse of how blacks were viewed by the whites. Also, how whites did not value African Americans as human beings. Through Nikki Giovanni and Haki R. Madhubuti poems, we can understand what the literature meant, what it meant to be an African American in those times, what we are not taught in a normal classroom, and what this meant for empowerment.
Nikki Giovanni expresses in her poem, Nikki-Rosa, how she could not come to see a white person writing her biography. She feels as if a white person would not be able to write about her life if they have never gone through or experienced the things she has encountered. A white person would only focus on the bad events in her life such as " your father's pain as he sells his stock/ and another dream goes" (16-17). The white biography would never talk about the happy times in her life. Giovanni mentioned in her poem that " but only that everybody is together and you/ and your sister have happy birthdays and very good christmasses" (22-23). Africans Americans seemed to believe that whites only saw from the outside. Whites only saw that African Americans

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