Analysis Of Nilda, By Junot Diaz

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The short story “Nilda”, by Junot Diaz, depicts the ever changing and complicated inner workings of manhood through its two male characters, Yunior and Rafa. The characterization of the two lead to very different outcomes when considering how they both behave initially, and respond to social and emotional stimuli within the story. They both conform to stereotypes within the male gender, and sometimes attempt to escape that confine. Both Rafa and Yunior give the reader a unique insight into what it is like to become a man, and also the way society labels you in ways that may not always apply. The different areas of manhood discussed are both broad in range, yet specific in considering the consequence of each aspect. The range of actions discussed in the story also creates juxtaposition between the two brothers in the story. They are in a similar living and social situation, yet their respective outwardly demeanor and outlook on life is vastly different from one another.
The idea of a stereotype is personified immensely within the character Rafa.Yunior describes him as a “monster”- a comment which comes directly from his treatment of women (Diaz 146). To fit in with what is expected of a man, Rafa frequently exhibits actions that hurt others around him. He was often very indifferent towards Nilda and never considered anything she said. He appeared to try incredibly hard to maintain a cool demeanor in all situations. This included everything from sex, where he would hardly make

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