Analysis Of ' Of Mice And Men ' And ' Macbeth '

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Coursework: How are women presented in ‘Of mice and men ' and ‘Macbeth '?
Throughout time, society has always been prejudice towards women and their characteristics. With regards to Adam and Eve, the Biblical story in which God created two humans (Adam and Eve) and positioned them in a beautiful garden called the ‘Garden of Eden ', since then people have associated the story to being sexist and prejudice towards women. When Eve disobeyed God about eating fruit from the tree of knowledge and forced Adam to also eat from it too, women since then have been considered as being temptresses; manipulative and associated with evil behaviour. This stereotype is reinforced by the female characters in Shakespeare 's ‘Macbeth ' and Steinbeck 's ‘Of Mice and Men '.
The way women are presented in ‘Of Mice and Men ' differs in comparison to ‘Macbeth '. Upon analysing the two texts, I have differentiated the two female protagonists, Curley 's wife and Lady Macbeth, and came to a conclusion that one is dissimilar from the other. Yet, both are supposedly speculated to be the stereotypical woman. In Shakespeare 's play Macbeth, feminism and society 's injustice towards women are two of the main themes that assemble the well-known play that was ‘fit for the Kings '. In addition to this, in both books the females are known to not have an identity. This, furthermore, highlights society 's opinion towards women, in which they 're considered as nothing. In these two texts, Lady Macbeth and Curley…

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