Analysis Of ' Of Mice And Men '

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Jarrod Homer 9th 2015 Of Mice and Men Summer Reading The novel Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck tells the story of two unexpected friends traveling together in California. The two are quite different from each other, Lennie is brawn but not bright whereas, George is smaller and more of a thinker. Although near opposites of each other, these two have held a strong bond to one another since they were young. Their friendship is seemingly out of place, with no other as strong as theirs mentioned. Throughout the duration of the book, the importance, rarity, as well as benefits of hope and strength of the…show more content…
Where the others set a more depressing mood, this friendship lightens up the tone of the story. The absence of friendships is also conveyed by Crooks who lives separate from all the other workers. Crooks is against the idea of having anyone in his room and is annoyed by Lennie 's appearance in the stable. Crooks doesn’t want company and doesn’t think the others want him around either and has nobody to support him. He doesn’t seem optimistic and doesn’t think much of his future. This supports the idea that the bond between George and Lennie is special and stands alone. This is what separates them from the other characters and keeps them going together. The friendship that the duo has developed proves to be remarkably resilient, keeping the two close, inseparable and stronger. Alone, Lennie can 't to do much on his own and isn 't bright, but with Lennie 's intelligence, Lennie is able to put his strength and hard work to use. This is illustrated by George taking charge when they arrive at their new job. George does the talking for them and sets them in the right direction. George also keeps him out of trouble by doing this like in the past where Lennie was accused of assaulting a woman. Lennie also proves to be a devoted companion to George, offering him comfort and support. This is illustrated by how Lennie does exactly as George says. For example, when George told Lennie to stay away from Curley, Lennie did as told until finally Curley attacked him and George told
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