Analysis Of Phat Girlz

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An Analysis & Criticism of the Portrayal of Mass Media Myth #5
(To Attract a man, a woman must look like a model or centerfold) in the 2006 Movie Phat Girlz
Phat Girlz (2006) legitimizes and glorifies Mass Media Myth #5, suggesting that you have to look a certain way to attract a man. Further, the movie promotes Myth10, implying that without a man, the woman is incomplete (until we get into partially the middle of the movie), the plus-size women’s dreams come true. Obesity and body image is a great idea for the film because it is rarely addressed.
Step 1: Detection
The entire 2006 Movie Phat Girlz is the subject of this analysis and criticism. The movie is available on DVD.
Step 2: Description
Detailed Descriptions Monique portrays, a plus-size, smart-mouthed, aspiring fashion designer and department store employee, Jazmin Biltmore. Jazmin struggles to find love because of her weight; she has always been overweight, unlike her skinny cousin, Mia (Joyful Drake). Jazmin wins a trip to Palms Springs for the weekend. Where Jazmin, her best friend, Stacey (Kendra C. Johnson) and Mia meet the men of their dreams in ways that are completely unexpected. The first day at the resort, Jazmin and Stacey have a spa day, frustrated in not fitting the robes, they both join Mia at the swimming pool where thy see a Nigerian man. He introduces himself to the ladies as Tunde, Jazmin is distracted by him that she forgets his name. Tunde and his friends find Jazmin and

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