Analysis Of Postman Roulin By Vincent Van Gogh

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“I should like to do portraits which will appear as revelations to people in a hundred years’ time.” - (Vincent Van Gogh, 1890). More than a century later I would say he completed his goal. In the painting “Postman Roulin” we see a man with a large beard parted in the middle. The man is facing the viewer however his body is at a 45 degree angle left of the viewer. He is sitting in a wooden chair with his left arm resting on a table corner. Van Gogh made twenty five paintings of the Roulin family, seven of which were of Joseph Roulin (Postman Roulin). What makes this painting so unique is that this is the only one of the postman series that depicts more than just the face and shoulders.
First glance at this painting shows a massive amount of

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