Analysis Of Professions For Women By Virginia Woolf

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There was a time when women could not pass the boundaries of being only a wife with household duties. At this time having a successful career was a dream that they could not even see. Why? Because as the author Virginia Woolf states, they were “so constituted that [they] never had a mind or wish of [their] own!” (Woolf 350). The essay “Professions for Women” written in 1931 expands the idea of women facing difficulties in various fields of life - especially in their professional life. Woolf relates this situation to her own experience as a writer by providing a perfect picture of these challenging barriers that were present even in the freest profession for women. She argues that despite the freedom gained to choose their own occupations, women still are exposed to certain unfair limitations when it comes to the way they act or how they think.
The author builds this argumentative essay by using the tools of the symbolic figure of the “Angel in the House.” Woolf uses the beautiful metaphor of the Angel in the House to identify one of the biggest obstacles that a woman faces, not only in her profession, but also in her daily life. This scene, which is described in concrete detail, provides the perfect picture of difficulties that the author is going through as a writer, which as she states, is supposed to be the freest profession for woman. When referring to the Angel, Woolf says: “It was she who used to come between me and my papers when I was writing reviews. It was she

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