Analysis Of Rashida Jones 's Speech

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“I can be pretty persuasive if I believe in something strongly enough” (Brainy Quotes). This quote by Rashida Jones describes the importance of passion in a speech. To persuade an audience, the speaker must incorporate passion and meaningful body language in order to convince people of their beliefs. If the speaker fails to present a clean speech, the audience may lose concentration and become unaffected. Brené Brown presented a speech with intentions of persuading the listeners that vulnerability is normal and common in everyday life. Sugata Mitra offered a persuasive speech in which he was attempting to inform the crowd of children’s ability to teach themselves. Both speakers felt passion for their topic, yet each presented his or her speech differently. Sugata Mitra is an educational researcher and a professor of Educational Technology. He gave a speech titled “Kids Can Teach Themselves” in February of 2007 with the intentions of convincing individuals that children are capable of teaching themselves. People who wanted to be informed on education came to watch Mitra speak. Mitra began his speech with the goal of showing how children can teach themselves if adult figures would step back. Throughout the speech, Mitra was able to persuade the listener by providing ethos through his experiments. He explained an experiment that he began six years ago which he called the-hole-in-the-wall experiments, randomly placing a PC in an “urban slum” area (Mitra). Mitra used hand

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