Analysis Of Rene Denfeld's The Enchanted

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Rene Denfeld’s novel The Enchanted applies a creative method of storytelling to an intriguing subject. While discussing the corrupt inner workings of a prison, the unfortunate and sickening lives of all the characters, and what justice happens to be, Denfeld alludes to several other works to help her express the points being made. Due to the narrative aspects of this novel the reader is subjected to a wide range of emotions including sympathy, sorrow, and scorn and kept in the dark while somehow knowing everything there is to know.
The way Denfeld appeals to a reader’s emotions makes one really focus on what is going on in the text. Examples of this are strewn about the book and are expressed through most characters. Arden, the unknown …show more content…

Broken toes, lacerations, burns to fingers(63).” This insight is enough to make a reader question whether it was York’s fault he killed those people or not. In “Auguries of Innocence” William Blake writes “The Lamb misusd breeds Public Strife” and York was indisputably misused throughout his childhood. Knowing his background invokes sorrow for York. Knowing the torture he bared and the disease he was born with makes it seem like he was destined for an unfair, terrible end and had no say in it. Sorrow can be followed to situations such as the priest’s with his girl. He was an optimistic priest, determined to continue his practice despite what others had told him about what he lacked. He realized they were right after a time and could not decide why he was doing God’s work(157). This is when he meets a young girl, just sixteen, in a club. They become friends, he buys her things, and eventually “he fell in love for the first time. Not for her necessarily; he fell in love with life(165).” The priest never actually loves the girl despite spending large amounts of time and money on her as well as losing his chastity to her. Expectedly yet sadly, it ends for them. He takes leave in Belize uncertain if he’ll return. When the priest does come back he discovers the girl’s apartment abandoned. No one admits to knowing where she has gone and they frankly do not seem to care. A week goes by and the police pull her out of the water. The girl committed suicide by jumping off of

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