Analysis Of Repetition Is The Father Of Perfection

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A young kid is playing basketball in his driveway. He’s practicing free throws, working on his shooting form. Shot after shot he makes, “Repetition is The Father of Perfection” he thinks to himself. It’s a quote he’s heard many times before from different coaches, and it’s a quote he’s tried to apply in his life. After he makes one-hundred free throws, like he does every other day as soon as he gets home from school, he goes inside to eat dinner with his family. “Mom, Dad, do you think I can be a professional basketball player one day?” he asks. “Of course, son, you can do whatever you put your mind to.” they respond. In a similar household on the other side of the United States a middle school girl is practicing for an upcoming beauty pageant. She studies notecards of possible questions she could be asked for hours on end, crafting a perfect response for each one. She focuses on articulating her beliefs and opinions on a variety of topics, making sure she’s well informed and prepared to answer anything the judges might throw her way. Her favorite questions are the ones about federal policies, and she feels great satisfaction in researching the subject, and using the information from her research to come up with a solution. One night her mother walks into her room and is surprised to find her studying notecards so late at night. “You need to get some rest” her mother says, to which her daughter responds: “Yes mom, but I just have one question to ask you first. Do you think I

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