Analysis Of Robert Hayden 's ' Those Winter Sundays '

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Showing love and gratitude goes a long way in strengthening relationships and makes us better understands the sacrifices others make on our behalf. In those winter Sundays, Robert Hayden stated a lot with very few words. This was possible due to brilliant use of imagery, metaphor and sound. His striking words invoke thoughts in the mind of the reader of this dedicated father, up alone exposed to the harsh elements who works hard each day to make his family comfortable, however they don 't value his acts of good will, nor did they give him any credit. In many cases, we glance back at one point in our lives with lament. We feel that had it been, what we currently know, we knew back then we would have made different choices, things would …show more content…

Great use of imagery throughout the poem really emphasized Hayden 's message. Hayden recollects the memory of this specific Sunday morning. Using the word "too" suggests that the father rises early consistently, regardless of what day it is. He dresses in the severe cold. His hands have cracks because of the cold weather and the grueling work that he does each day.
When his dad turns on the chimneys and stoves, to make the house warm for his loved ones. His striking words make me invoke thoughts in my mind of this persevering dad up alone wide open to the harsh elements. When he noted his dads, hands were cracked, and that they ached it was a great use of imagery. This was used to portray how hard-working he was, as well as a symbol for all the agony and inconvenience he was willing to bear for his family.
Hayden depicted sounds and in addition pictures in the same elucidating way when he wrote I awoke and heard the cold splintering, breaking. Possibly, what Hayden heard was cracking noises that came from the fire or ice softening off the windows. In any case, this decision of imagery is utilized to show the devotion of his dad. He was willing to go out in the cold to break the ice of the windows for those he cared about. Furthermore, Hayden 's inclusion of the word "blueback cold," was to stress that the sun has not started to

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