Warming up

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  • Stretching Is Not Warming Up

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    Stretching is not warming up! It is, however, a very nessecary part of warming up. Warming up is the process of "warming up" (i.e.,building your core body temperature). A proper warm-up should build your body temperature by one or two degrees Celsius (1.4 to 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit) and is divided into three phases: A. General warm-up (The general warm-up is divided into two parts): Joint rotations, the general warm-up should begin with joint-rotations, beginning either from your toes and working

  • Descriptive Essay About A Basketball Game

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    When we pull up, the Mason City team is already warming up. We get out of the suburban and get our things out of the back and head to the courts. Mr. Davies meets with the Mason City coach discussing how many games to play and which players are playing which positions as the team and I warm up, which goes by fast in the warm weather. When we go and meet the other team I notice that most of them are as tall as trees, looming over the rest of us. That's bad. Usually tennis players who are tall are

  • Descriptive Essay About Volleyball

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    Counting down the seconds in a crowded dark hallway, listening behind doors to the song Welcome to the Jungle blasting in the gymnasium mixed with the sounds of the crowds roaring. The only thoughts going through everyone's head, is that this might be the last time we ever play together again. As soon as the song gets to the que we run out of the hallway under a tunnel made of arms, running into the moment that can make it or break it. A timeless sport filled with -- rapid movements, sweat, anxiety

  • Descriptive Essay Football

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    After we got everything set up in our dugout we went to warm up. As we were hitting in the batting cages teams were coming up to us and saying how amazing we were and how bad they wanted us to win this game. This made us even more pumped to win. After we got back from the batting cages it was so packed with people and there were many softball and baseball teams there to watch the game. We had to take grounders and pop flies. Which we were doing really good. As I was warming up our number one pitcher I

  • My First Time Of My Life

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    Little tiny 3rd grade me getting ready for my very first game. I was very nervous and excited to play. I put on my jersey that read pass it, set it crush it. Then I put on my knee pads and tennis shoes. I pulled my hair into a ponytail. Finally, I filled up my water bottle and waited to go. In 3rd grade or rec volleyball you don 't have specific positions. You rotate all the way through the six rotations and when you lose the point when you are serving, you go into serve receive. Once you win

  • Descriptive Essay About Running

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    I loved running ever since I could walk on my two feet. I started to like running when I saw my dad coaching the track and field team at this school. I felt like the competition of running.My favorite part were the races. The racing was the best part because everybody was cheetah fast. It would be two or more people neck to neck to win the race. As they zoomed pass for first. The first day of school of middle school was so awesome so much new things became accessed in middle school. The hallways

  • Track: A Short Story

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    skydiving. Everything seems irrelevant in a race. The only thing on a runner's mind during a race is finishing as best as possible. The most important thing to do going into a race is prepare yourself. You need to warm up, drink a lot of water, and build up confidence. Warming up can be done however you want, but building confidence for a race can be difficult, however, it is truly the most important thing. Going into a race assuming you are going to lose completely ruins your chance at winning.

  • Explain Phase 2-6 Mins Of Dynamic Movement

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    Phase 2 - 6 mins of Dynamic movement stretches. The Dynamic movement stage is also very important because this is the stage where you not just get your heart pumping and warming up, you are also stretching the vital muscles that are needed and preventing pain afterwards. 1. Lunges + Tricep stretches Equipment - None Area - 1/3 of a netball court Time - 50 seconds. Intensity - 60% For this warmup, you do normal lunges but instead of leaving your arms, you add a Tricep stretch into

  • My Favorite Childhood In Childhood

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    went on. I ended up getting bright pink cleats that fit me just perfectly. I could not wait to go out on the field and run around in those! I got pink and black nike shin guards and some cool nike shorts. I was as happy as can be! We rush out of the mall so I wouldn’t be late… and to the game it is. Wow.. the field is beautiful. It was a beautiful day outside and definitely perfect weather to be playing soccer in! I was so little I did not know what to expect when we pulled up. We were playing

  • Volleyball Descriptive Essay

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    Nike Zooms. I am ready to play some volleyball. We start walking up the back stairs me being my hyper self with the constant non-stop talking about whatever comes to mind. We finally get to the back gym door and walk in, set our water bottles down, and go find a ball to warm up our arms. We walk over to the court our team practices on to meet with the other girls who are ready. The team this year has nine girls. We start warming up our arms and