Analysis Of Robert Smith And Solomon All In Song Of Solomon

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Ever since the induction of slavery, black people have undergone terrible circumstances. Not until over four hundred years after the induction of slavery were blacks treated equally. The burden of oppression gave blacks a terrible life; upward mobility was virtually impossible and the few that were successful were looked at with suspicion and envy by the rest of the community. With nothing to work for, suicide, escape and abandonment were common in black communities. However, stemming from the plight of the Igbos hundreds of years ago who “flew all the way back to Africa,” committing suicide, escaping from white rule and abandoning their families, oppressed blacks regarded suicide, escape and abandonment as a way to “fly away” from the …show more content…

Although it's a suicide, the community looks at the bright side of what is happening and sees an escape from the oppression that is going on. What the spectators do not know is that Robert Smith is a member of Seven Days, where his job is to avenge crimes on black people. This adds a third aspect to the situation as not only does he experience oppression in his daily life, his job is to deal with it. This is very likely a major contributor to his suicide which directly links his flight to his personal burden of oppression
While Milkman is searching for his family’s history in Shalimar, he encounters the song about his ancestors Solomon’s flight. Another example of selective perception, even though Solomon abandoned his family and his community, the fact that he escaped slavery turned him into a religious figure in Shalimar. Milkman describes Shalimar as a place where “everything was named Solomon” (302). However, the thing that really caught Milkman’s attention was a song sung by children about his grandfather and great grandparents and how his great grandfather Solomon flew. The town being named after Solomon shows the respect the people have for the escapee, even though it has been close to a century since the abolition of slavery, but because he is the one of the few people who did escape to the north during before abolition, escaping oppression, he is still

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