Analysis Of Rousseau's Discourse On The Origin Of Dependency

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Dependencies can protect one’s liberties or destroy them. In Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, he defines the difference of primal state and society as the amount of liberties. In Locke’s The Second Treatise of Government, he defines the difference of the state of nature and civil government as how much one is protected in their liberties. Rousseau’s civilized man has a despair of liberty, whereas Locke’s man in society has a proper end. Rousseau’s view of dependency takes away people’s liberties. Liberty according to Rousseau is the freedom to do something without any restrictions. Civilized men rely on tools and with these tools they are stronger than a savage man. Civilized man cannot survive without these tools, …show more content…

Man is dependent on society to protect their liberties and property. Society puts laws in place that have the goal of mutual preservation of everyone’s properties and complete that end as a community. In the state of nature, man himself preserves his liberties. Man is suppose to preserve his preservations of life because he is God’s property. When someone breaks the law nature, disturbing someone’s property, the victim has a right to punish the offender (Locke 264). Men who have reason in the state of nature have to protect themselves. One still has the capability to break the law and not receive the punishment if he is stronger. This situation causes men to move into society. In society, there is a community of people who all work to protect everyone’s freedoms. Men have dependencies on society to feel safer with their property and get to their proper end. Rousseau’s civilized man has a despair of liberty, whereas Locke’s man in society has a proper social end. Locke and Rousseau both have the same interpretations of liberty—people are able to act with no restrictions, but still follow the law of nature according to Locke. Rousseau believes that in society, there are laws put in place that remove people’s liberties. “The savage live in himself”, but civilized man goes off of what others think and then try to act virtuous based off of what society has set up (Rousseau 70). Civilized man is dependent on society by going off of what society has made right and

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