Song of Solomon: Ruth and Macon's Marriage

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Analysis of Macon Dead II and Ruth’s Marriage and Relationship in Song Of Solomon The abandonment and betrayal of women has been seen throughout history and novels, including Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison. Morrison uses the relationship of Macon Dead II and Ruth to express this in her book. Morrison also expresses how women are to reliant on their men for support, she uses Pilate to show this. Macon Dead II and Ruth are married and the parents of Milkman, the protagonist of the novel. The novel starts out in 1931, the birth of Milkman and narrates his life till about 1962. They are a middle to lower class African American family living in Michigan. The theme abandonment of women is shown through the relationship of Macon Dead II and…show more content…
And I would have happily died except for my babies. But he did move into another room and thats the way things stayed till until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Until I thought I’d really die if I had to live that way. With nobody touching me, or even looking as thought they’d like to touch me.(125)
Ruth was emotionally abandoned she wanted someone to return the love she had been giving out. The mere idea of her having to go the rest of her life in that state frightened her. If she was emotionally supported by her husband she would have been happier. This shows that her mental state shows abandonment of women. Ruth has been physically abandoned by her husband; Ruth and Macon Dead II never have gotten a divorce, they remain together for the duration of the novel. Ruth is physically abandoned by her husband, and this is seen in the following quotation, “And almost twenty years during which he had not laid eyes on her naked feet, he only missed the underwear”(16). This shows, that in the marriage they had not been together romantically in two decades. Marriage is about love and physical contact, therefore one can infer that don’t even sleep in the same room and that he doesn’t acknowledge her existence. It’s stated in the text that Macon Dead II doesn’t sleep in the same room as Ruth. “But he did move into another room and thats’s the way things stayed”(125). He not only stop being romantically involved with her, but he also
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