Analysis Of Shinnors Gravitation Towards Kit-Cats

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I argue that Shinnors’ gravitation towards the Kit-Cats was prompted by an aesthetic feeling (Huntley 1970, 17) grounded in his early historicality (Heidegger 1950, 47). Heidegger (1950, 29) felt that in order to grasp the truth, we can return to something that is already manifest, in this case I would argue that this was Donovan’s work, specifically work like “Balcony Series (with self portrait)”. This truth-happening which Shinnors experienced was therefore an example of Crowther’s (2009, 70) theory of “corporeal imagination”, the idea that our sense of the present draws upon our actual learned responses to events of the past. If we think of our corporeal imagination being composed of layers of memory and experience, with some phenomena being

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