Analysis Of Soo Kyung ( Or Sue )

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Introduction For this paper, I will be assessing case study 4, which is about Soo-Kyung (or “Sue). She is a sixteen year old Korean student with a history of self-harm, drug abuse, and theft. While on probation, she has to attend school counseling in order to have her record removed when she becomes an adult. She does not dress well and has been known to have bad body odor. She refuses to let the counselor in on what’s going on in her life. Her mother was an alcoholic and has a reputation of being in and out of various relationships. They moved a lot, which Sue had to go to different schools.
By the age of 14, she was sexually abused by one of her mother’s boyfriends, which partly is the result of her a suicide attempts and …show more content…

Victims of child sexual abuse are like to go through phases of helplessness, secrecy, accommodation and entrapment, conflicted, unconvincing and delayed disclosure, and retraction (Berns, 2012, p. 146). Other negative outcomes include a lack of self-confidence, damaged self-image, unhealthy social life, and develop some mental health problems like depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts (Dube et al., 2003). With Sue experiencing the symptoms and characteristics of being a victim of sexual abuse and neglect, this has made a negative impact on her development. Having her aunt, teachers, counselor, and friends there for support, would be very therapeutic for her overcoming her past events.
Her social environment is the second area that has impact her behavior. Sue was not exposed to a very positive home life. She wasn’t taught how to have a healthy relationship. With the constant moving, she wasn’t able to maintain to develop strong friendships. She did have one acquaintance at school who she was seen talking to. Apparently, this was the one person at school she felt like she could trust. Her acts of self-destruction derives from not having family around, which makes her develop a lack of self-worth. She would need an extensive amount of support in order to get through this ordeal. The third area that is most influential is the school environment. She had to undergo school counseling, which she wasn’t cooperative and probably didn’t feel comfortable.

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