Analysis Of Stairway To Heaven

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No matter how many times you ask somebody to give you an interpretation of what the song Stairway to Heaven really perseveres, you will get a different answer every time. The song Stairway to Heaven was written by Led Zeppelin in 1971. Throughout all these years, still every time you ask an individual about their interpretation to the song, they will respond differently. The reason being because the songs represents many different values throughout it, but it is your choice to determine about how you choose to have an outlook on it.
In 1980, Led Zeppelin could have had the biggest tour in the history of rock and roll, although this never happened because one of the members, Rob Plant, refused to be a part of it. He rejected to reunite with the rest of the group because he believed that “no amount of money is worth having to sing Stairway to Heaven.” To begin with, when asked about Rob Plants interpretation of the song, he responded with-“I still interpret the song a different way and I wrote the lyrics. “In addition, he believed that the lyrics took some rough shots, but in the beginning of the song it’s meant towards a woman who strives for money, only to find out the rough way that is was going to be keeping her from reaching her stairway to heaven. Rob Plant had no other reason for stating what his meanings words towards writing the song, but he did note that he saw it as “a woman getting everything she wanted without giving anything back.” According to an article by

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