The Message Song Analysis

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The song "The message" by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five depicts the struggle of young black adults growing up in society. The struggle to make it out of poverty can be compared to survival of the fittest in a jungle. Only the strong would survive and adapt to the changes to fit in. Trying their best to make a betterment with whatever little society offers. Being a young black African American in the early 1980's was not easy. It was easier to live the fast life and gain fast money by being part of the drug community. Drugs, guns, and money was glamorized and this is what the young adults looked at as a means of getting rich. In the songs, a young man talks about how he is trying hard to hold on to the little bit of sanity he has left in his soul. He talks about the struggle he endures while trying not to get pushed over the edge. He was born an innocent child who's blind to the ways of mind kind. Growing up he faced many challenges and had to fight …show more content…

Despite all the hardships he faced he did not choose to be like the others in his community. Throughout the song he visually explain the life of the young women and how they turn to selling their bodies as a means of making money. Although this may seem absurd, it was the life that many of the women lived in order to feed themselves and their children. According to Crystal Endsley and Marla Jaksch Hip Hop has the ability to enact social change because it is firmly connected to local youth, a source that the state does not generally reach. The global impact of Hip Hop as it relates to East Africa and the struggles for equality and liberation begin with raising awareness within the masses. In the song, Grandmaster Flash tried to bring awareness to the community in which he resides and he explores the struggle and fight to continue living in a poor

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