Glass Menagerie Essay

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The play called “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams didn’t end the why I predicted it to. I thought Laura, a girl who suffers man medical conditions, would marry Jim, an old time friend and crush of hers, and she’ll live a happy and normal rest of her life with him. Instead, I was disappointed to see that this “gentleman caller” was actually engaged with another woman named Betty after he has already made Laura think he loves her. Now, Laura will stay with her mother and menagerie glass collection never meeting other people because of how shy she it. Also, I was sure that Tom, her brother, would follow his dream when he decided to follow his father’s footsteps and leave his mother and sister. His dream was to travel the world …show more content…

Many people should read this novel because there are so many nice people, as Tom, who are being taken advantage of. Some people would call him rude and selfish because of the way he treats his mother, but I disagree. Instead, of going on adventures like he wanted to earlier in the novel he was working at the warehouse supporting his mother and sister with the money he makes. He was unhappy til he finally decided to leave them. On the other hand Laura believes she is unable to function in the real world so she stays under the annoying paranoia and speech of her mother. Both situations should teach readers that no matter what you’re going or have gone through, or what people think of you you are still capable of doing what you put your mind to. Who said life was easy.

Scene 7, the pivotal scene, everything changed because that’s when Tom finally left saying he was going to the movies as usual but this time he never returned. This means Amanda, the mother, and Laura are force to provide on their own without the help of Tom’s warehouse paycheck. The day he left the lights were already out and Jim made the mistake of kissing Laura knowing he was engaged, and that broke her heart completely. The novel didn’t state much else after all that happened except the fact that Tom lost his job at the warehouse. I hope he went to the Union of Merchant Seamen, since he told his friend Jim he was already a member keeping it secret from Amanda

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