Analysis Of The Advancement Of Postwar Order

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Analysis of the Advancement of Postwar Order
By: Michelle Wyatt
PSCI 1051.001
Prof. Richard Ruderman
November 26, 2014

Ikenberry’s book After Victory discusses how order is reestablished after war. In the book it explains the different ways that order can be reestablished, and how postwar order has evolved from Balance of Powers, to Hegemony, to present day Constitutionalism. He aims to address three main points throughout his book: The choices that the winners of the war face in regards to establishing order, the reasoning behind choosing their specific mode of order reestablishment, and the lasting stability of 1945 postwar order (Ikenberry 3). In my analysis I explain the different modes of postwar reestablishment, and
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Balance of Power, a type of post war order, could happen when weaker states form alliances with each other in order to counterbalance the leading state. This would prevent the leading state from having all the power, and would prevent tyranny of the leading state. This form of balance of powers is coined “banding,” because the weaker states ‘band’ together (Ikenberry 24). Also this form of post war order allows for the weaker states to have some of their postwar demands carried out. On the other end of balance of powers there is “bandwagoning,” which is where the weaker states ally themselves with the victor (Ikenberry 25). Bandwagoning ensures that the weaker states will not get oppressed and also guarantees them protection due to their alliance with the leading state.
Although balance of powers seems like a great idea, it is not very stable. Alliances are constantly making sure that they are in equilibrium in order to maintain balance with the opposing force. This causes for shifts and gains in alliances. For example, if one side gains another ally, the other side must find another ally as well. This constant checking of balance results in very complex, global alliances. The downside to this is that when one member of your alliance is tampered with then the entire
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