Analysis Of The Arrow And The Song

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“The Arrow and the Song” is a relatively short, yet complex poem that takes some deep thinking to pull apart. The narrator shoots an arrow into the air, yet cannot follow it, for it soared across the sky, far into the unknown. The narrator also lets a song be heard to the world, also unable to follow this, because of course, you cannot see words with your eyes. After much time, he or she finds both unbroken, the arrow in an oak tree, and the song within a heart of a friend. However, the meaning of the poem runs much deeper than a simplistic story of someone shooting an arrow and letting loose a song, unable to find them until years later. The poem, upon being looked into, is actually a lesson that warns the reader to be wary of what they say, for we are unable to know of where the things we say will end up, or their effect. The theme is heavily pushed by repetition, along with a cleverly thought out use of words and symbolism, both fall into place nicely with the metaphors used. Once you dig into the poem on a search for the true meaning, it becomes rather obvious and clear. As previously stated, the theme of “The Arrow and the Song” is a short tale cautioning us to be careful of what we say and do, for all of our actions and words leave impacts on the world, impacts that we would have never expected, these effects can last forever, and it is up to us to decide how we want our mark to be left on the world. In the poem, the arrow is used as a harsher action or word, and the
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