Analysis Of The Article ' 15 Years After 9 / 11 '

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In his article, “15 years after 9/11-have we said goodbye to carefree?”,” Paul Fadelli explains that society can never go back to being carefree due to the rise of terrorist attacks. Fadelli presents to middle aged folks who remember the 9/11 attacks, which shaped this society into a new era of occasional terrorist attacks. Fadelli believes that even though terrorist attacks are more prevalent in society, that society shouldn’t lose the act of being carefree. Fadelli’s purpose is to prove that things can never go back to being carefree before the 9/11 attacks, but can still have a sense of being carefree. First, Fadelli explains why public events have changed over the years by providing a variety of logical reasons to support his claim. For example, he expresses that the number of police at events have gone up rapidly. Fadelli, himself has experience seeing the increased amount of guards at an Airport, he expresses that his daughter didn’t seem to notice the amount of guards in the airport, “This is how life will be for us now.” He uses his personal experience to visualize that now society will not be carefree, now society will have to look out for danger at all times. He uses this example to appeal to middle aged people because they can relate to a time where policemen and guards weren’t always around or not around as much as they are now. Fadelli uses additional specific examples to support his claim. He acknowledges that the public is starting to notice the trend of
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